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Business Support

We collaborate closely with our invested companies to enhance and streamline their business operations.

Our team provides more than just funding to the companies we invest in. We bring together our abilities and experience from various industries to offer strategic guidance, managerial support, and access to a large network. Our goal is to help businesses accelerate their growth and reach their full potential.

Providing expertise at every step.


Idea & Implementation

Transforming ideas into successful products is a complex process that requires time, skill, and expertise. We offer our assistance to businesses in delivering their products through continuous improvements and iterations. Our team, backed by established methods and years of experience, advises businesses on the most effective way to implement their solutions.


Growth & Expansion

The key to success on a global level is having local knowledge. We use our global network, unique skills, and understanding of business dynamics to assist organizations in expanding into new markets and regions.


Product & Market Positioning

Organizations need a solid product strategy to succeed. We help to identify customer needs, and valuable features and design to achieve product-market fit.


Organizational Structure

A well-designed organizational structure is crucial for long-term success. We help organizations create effective structures that align with their business strategy, operations, and scale.


Customer Success

Continuous customer value creation is key to long-term success. We help businesses adapt to user needs and volatile market requirements, add value through features, and respond to client feedback.

Paving the Way for Global Success

Teamwork is essential for business success. To achieve this, we focus on three pillars with our portfolio companies.


The key to success is an optimal strategy tailored to market segments and territories. Collaborating with our invested companies, we determine the optimal combination of products and services based on their domain, territory, and product segment to achieve ultimate success.

Business Planning & Reporting

Our measure of success is determined by the extent to which development goals are achieved. We work with our invested companies to set clear business objectives and create short and long-term plans to support these objectives. We require detailed quarterly reports and hold quarterly board meetings for sharing information, discussing options, and making decisions on the next steps.


Management is the starting point. We place significant value on strong management in our portfolio companies and ensure highly competent professionals hold senior positions. Our team contributes to the process at every stage by sharing their skills and experience. This involves active participation from the board of directors, shareholders, and interim management responsibilities if needed.