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Investment Process

Our investment decisions are based on an assessment of the existing structures and future objectives of prospective technology companies.

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The investment process begins with an evaluation meeting with the prospective company’s founders where timeline, market conditions, business model, short and long-term business strategies and financial projections are discussed. At this step, we rigorously assess the intended solutions, value proposition team, and evaluate the ambitions and objectives.



After the initial revision of the business model, we proceed to define a product roadmap and financial milestones which are in line with the business’ objectives. We place a strong emphasis on agreeing to these milestones before making investments.


Due Diligence

Once the assessments are complete, and the investment decision is positive, we start the due diligence procedure. In this procedure, we carefully examine the company in terms of tax, IP rights, technical and financial perspectives. Due diligence examination, as well as the definition and documentation of the critical areas to be addressed together, are completed and concluded in this step.



There are multiple stages involved in the investment process. These stages are determined by the mutually agreed-upon development goals of the companies, and the investment stages progress as targets are met. This process is characterized by a unique business strategy and market dynamics of each invested company.

Investment Criteria

When considering potential investments, the first step is to trust and collaborate. The four pillars that support our investment standards are outlined below.

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Innovative Edge

We seek products and services with cutting-edge technologies and a forward-thinking mentality. The product should be superior to competition or have a first-mover advantage in the market. We seek differentiation based on the know-how and expertise incorporated into the product so that it is difficult to imitate.

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Market Potential

We attach great importance to prominent market potential. The product should be built and developed to address the assessed needs of the target audience and prospective customers. The company should have at least one paying customer who uses the product. User feedbacks should be incorporated into the next versions of the product.

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Business Foundations

We place a premium on established administrative operations within the business, including but not limited to legal affairs, accounting and taxation. The business should be the exclusive owner of the product’s intellectual property rights and get professional support in core business areas if needed.

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We expect the founders to be fully devoted to the company. We seek demonstrated experience in the related domain, product field, as well as managerial qualifications.